Shri Jeevandoss and Smt Jayamma Jeevan Doss, the founding pillars of the Canaan Christ public School hailed from humble backgrounds in Andhra Pradesh. Our founders by dint of their hard work rose to great heights and established the institution with eleven students to begin with.

Their simplicity and humility is vouched by one and all who are associated with the institution.

Though bereft of his worldly presence of our chairman Shri Jeevandoss, we look forward to our President Smt Jayamma Jeevan Doss and our dynamic Principal Mrs Shylaja Stephen to remain a perennial guiding force in all our efforts and endeavours.


Our Respected Chairman Shri Jeevandoss had an earnest ambition of making Canaan Christ Public School a unique and distinct institution in the educational scenario of the vicinity. His zealous aspiration was to create a temple of learning with abundant energy, budding talent, skills and where moral values are nurtured. His vision has now become a reality.


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself “ -John Dewey

This thought is echoed in the vision of our exemplary chairman Shri Jeevandoss.

Canaan Christ Public School is the dream of the founder Chairman with its inception in 2000-01 with eleven students and two staff to lead.

Today the school proclaims a number which is close to thousand and talented, abled and well qualified staff to lead.

The dream and vision of the chairman was to make the institution a centre of excellence to avail high quality education standards, to give the students a happy and balanced environment and prepare them holistically to face the unknown challenges of the world. This is what every value driven staff in the school strives for. All this to be done under the powerful motto of the school.


The role of the school is not just to pursue academic excellence but to empower the students as to learners for life, thinkers to the core and a true human body to the fullest.

At Canaan Christ Public School we strive to evolve God fearing, Self-reliant, honest respectful, students and these traits are what every Canaanite possesses. We strongly go by our watchwords ‘RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TRUTH’.

We are grateful to the parents for their unflinching faith and support extended to us in all our venture. We look forward to this continuous patronage to make our institution grow from strength to strength.


“Clarity of thought, reasoning, analysing ability” are key to the success of any student.

These are the traits which every Canaanite enjoys as goal oriented and principle driven staff aim to achieve excellence in academics.

Over the last twelve years, the institution has successfully graduated twelve batches SSLC Students This has been achieved with tremendous success year after year; thereby turning a new leaf in the quality standards is education.

Students outshine each other in academics, Curricular, Co- Curricular, Sports activities / events thereby the overall development of a child is achieved.

The students are imparted knowledge with the use of both modern and indigenous methodologies, a number of events are held during the academic year to emphasise academic excellence, creativity, sportivity and scientific temper.

Thus a 360 degree learning environment is created thereby laying an excellent foundation for life.